Join a unique Case based
Echo-Clinical Meet
11th & 12th February, 2017
Gulmohar & Jacaranda, Habitat World at,
India Habitat Center,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi -110003

Intended Audience

The intended audience includes cardiologists, cardiac anesthesiologists, general internists/ physicians, intensive / critical care specialists and sonographers.

Thematic Echo-clinical cases
  • My patient has septicemia:
    Should I look at his heart by Echo ALWAYS ?
  • Non-rheumatic Mitral Stenosis in elderly :
    Are these always degenerative?
  • Echo-detected Reperfusion Injury and Acute MI :
    What are we missing ?
  • Parasites a­ecting the myocardium :
    Burrowing in the dark?
  • Fungus and the Heart :
    stoop to conquer?
  • Carotids and the Heart :
    How strong is the Link?
  • Let us “Exercise” to discover the cause :
    Unfolding an enigma!
  • Diabetes and Restrictive CM :
    Is it the commonest relationship or should we look elsewhere?
  • Aortic Sinuses :
    Ignore them at your peril! Holes and Punches :
    Why bother?
  • NBTE : when you look for it, it’s plenty!
  • Echo vs CT in TAVI :
    one or both?
  • Warfarin vs LAA closure device :
    Who will PREVAIL?
  • Hemodynamic assessment by Echo :
    Do we need a PA catheter?
  • Scanning for Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) :
    Vital or In Vain?
  • HFpEF :
    can we diagnose by Echo?
  • Finding the right window for Pericardiocentesis on Echocardiography!
  • Prosthetic paravalvular leaks :
    redo-surgery or vascular plug?
  • ASD device : assessing the rims :
    2D vs 3D echo
    • Intra-operative evaluation for MV repair :
      Role of 3D TEE Identifying scallops/ segments of MV on TTE & TEE
    • PISA :
      Overrated or underutilized?
    • Large Tricuspid annulus/ severe TR :
      Repair or restrain?
    • Recurrent TIAs / strokes :
      playing Sherlock Holmes….?
    • Newer Anti-coagulants in Bioprosthetic heart valve with AF :
      A shifting target?
    • Deciphering prosthetic valve High gradients :
      Missing the Match?
    • Constrictive vs Restrictive Physiology (CCPvs RCMP)
    • Infective Endocarditis :
      Will you perform surgery in these real life cases?
    • New guidelines for diagnosing acute PE :
      Increasing role of Echo
    • All that glitters IS gold :
      Exotic CardiacMasses
    • Chronicles of RV :
      “Right” or wrong?
    • A young woman with syncope on exertion….
    • Hypertrophy :
      when more is not merrier!  Athlete’s heart and more….
    • Non-compaction :
      Tying the “loose” ends…
    • Twist in the tail :
      Twist, torsion and the “strain” of it all….in clinical practice
    • Should I have 3D in all Echo machines?
    • Choosing the most “Viable” :
      DSE vs SPECT vs PET vs MRI
    • Supra-systemic PA pressure in a young man with VSD :
      Clinico-Echo correlates


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