Join a unique Case based
Echo-Clinical Meet
17th & 18th September, 2016
Gulmohar & Jacaranda, Habitat World at,
India Habitat Center,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi -110003

Schedue Program

18 Sep. 2016 (Sun.)




8.00 - 9.00

Registration and Breakfast


9.00 - 10.00
New Diastology Guidelines 2016: Snapshots Exemplied by Cases and Workshop on Siemens Most Advanced SC 2000 system) J C Mohan/Vinayak Agrawal
10.00 - 10.30

Cases that will stump you: Doppler and more

(Educational Grant: Serdia Pharma)

R R Kasliwal,
K K Kapoor,
J C Mohan,
Ashok Omar,
Manish Bansal,
Ajay Karol
10.30 - 10.45
Tea/Coee Break  
10.45 - 11.30
A Case to Remember (Zero Hour Presentations)
(Educational grant: Aureus-Ajanta Pharma)
Case 12
Left Ventricular Dysfunction with Aortic Stenosis Gautam Singhal
Case 13
Post myocardial Infarction acute Heart failure: an unusual outcome Shreya Ohri
Case 14
Heart Failure with Trileaet Mitral Valve J C Mohan
Case 15
Acute right heart failure... Cause and eect! Rahul Mehrotra
Case 16
A pregnant lady with dyspnea in 3rd trimester (PPCMP) Meeta Maheshwari
Case 17
HF in a case of poisoning Rishikesh Shah
Case 18
Guess who is doomed? a tale of stage B HF Rishikesh Shah
11.30 - 12.00
Clinical Symposium I (Sponsored by Lupin CVN): Iron Excess and Iron Insuciency in HF
A. A case of Iron Excess (Myelopdysplasia)
B. A case of Iron Deciency and discussion on FAIR-HF
Chair: R R Kasliwal, K K Kapoor

V K Chopra
12.00 - 12.30
Everybody‚Äôs Time Space for Cases  
12.30 - 13.30
Heart failure in Valvular heart disease
(Educational Grant: Torrent Pharma)
Case 19
An Unusual Case of Mitral Regurgitation K K Kapoor
Case 20
Aortic Stenosis with HF: Way Forward in This patient Vivek Tandon
Case 21
Does this patient have Acute AR? Arvind Sethi
Case 22
Elderly subject with Mitral Stenosis and Conundrum of HF (DHS) J C Mohan
Case 23
Tricuspid stenosis in RHF: Rheumatic vs Carcinoid Vinayak Agrawal
Case 24
A baing mass on mitral valve Vinayak Agrawal
13.30 - 14.00
14.30 - 15.00
A Case of Acute Coronary Syndrome and Anti-Platelet Therapy:
The Shifting Paradigm (Educational Grant: Astra Zeneca)
J C Mohan
15.00 - 15.45
Imaging & Devices in HF
(Educational Grant: Abbott Vascular)
Case 25
CRT in mildly reduced HF Rishikesh Shah
Case 26
Mitraclip in severe MR with HF in the elderly lady: Role of Imaging J C Mohan
Case 27
TAVI: Challenges for the Imager Manish Bansal
Case 28
A case with VAD/ Heart Transplant : Unique Imaging Needs Sameer Srivastava
15.45 - 16.30
Prosthetic valves and HF  
Case 29
Post-MVR patient: Is HF non-valvular? Unusual ndings Vinayak Agrawal
Case 30
Post-PTMC HF in 40-yr old lady: To TEE or not? Madhu
Case 31
Post-DVR and HF: Re-do or not in this case Sharad Tandon
Case 32
HF following Valve Repair: Should I replace the valve?  
16.30 - 16.45
Tea/Coee Break  
16.45 - 17.30
Theme: Cardiomyopathies  
Case 33
A young girl with stroke and heart failure (SLE/NBTE) Vinayak Agrawal
Case 34
Is it pure right DCMP ? J C Mohan
Case 35
ARVD : an interesting case Sanjeev Gera
Case 36
A lady with severe LVH and heart failure Ramit Wadhwa
Case 37
Is this RCM or CCP or HFpEF? Arvind Sethi
Case 38
HCM: A glimpse of 6 Variants Gautam Singhal
17.30 - 18.00
Theme: HF and Grown-up CHD
(Educational Grant: Oaknet)
Case 39
Post-TOF Repair and delayed HF: Issues and management Munesh Tomar
Case 40
Eisenmenger CHD: Imaging-based Approach Neeraj Awasthi
Case 41
Complex CHD with HF in an Adult Hemant Madan
Case 42
Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia in a middle-aged man J C Mohan
Case 43
Absent Pulmonary Valve in an Adult  
Case 44
Young baby with HF Rekha Misra
18.00 - 18.30
Cases from the delegates
(Educational Grant: Sun Pharma)


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